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Top 10 Select

So, what can you expect from Top Ten Select, then? Well, are you looking for the top ten NBA players of the ‘90s? Well, we give it to you! How about the top ten romantic comedies starred by Meg Ryan? Yep, we provide them all to you! As long as something is part of “common culture” and has a passionate enough following, then that’s fair game for us!
Of course, that is not to say that every list we provide here is ranked in ascending or descending order; we rank every list as a whole, which means that every person, thing, or piece of art ranked in said list is included so in a very “fluid” manner. We hope that because of this, this would facilitate you, our dear reader, to engage in a civil discussion among fellow commenters on whether the list has certain value to your respective eyes or not.

In addition, Top Ten Select also ranks “cutting-edge” industries that can be found in the world today: virtual reality headsets, smartwatches, ecigarettes… you name it! Ecigarettes, in particular, are becoming a frequent topic of suggestion among the long-time readers of the website, and it really is not that hard to see why: vaping is a booming industry, and it has recently ascended the pantheon of “coolness” as evidenced by the fact that many practitioners of vaping include engineering specialists, foodies, and all-around hipsters. It is a “community” in the most classic sense of the word, indeed!

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