Top 10 Best-Grossing Movies of 2014 in the US

2014 has been able to produce a bumper crop of top-grossing movies. According to, 2014 produced a total gross of about $9.9 billion by the middle of December. The genre of the most of the highest grossing films are family-oriented films and book adaptations. So without further ado, here are the top 10 highest grossing films of 2014.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – US gross US$ 168.5 million

This is easily the best film in the franchise thus far. This is the final installment which is supposed to be raking tons of money. This movie is a surprise with a $90 million opening which is great and impressive.

Interstellar – US gross US$171.5 million

Interstellar’s success could be best attributed to the hype generated to this feature. The movie opened to a smaller box-office results than expected. However as the screening days moved on the movie goers went on to see the movie. The screenings in the IMAX theaters have been a huge lift to this movie. The large-screen made it a better way to see this movie due to the effects. Christopher Nolan is able to bring home the movie’s existential plot to the movie goers over and beyond the beautiful visuals.

1 Hobbit & Interstellar

The Amazing Spider Man 2 - US gross US$ 202.9 million

The latest offering of the renewed trilogy about Peter Parker has been really impressive with a $91.6 million opening weekend gross. The love for Spidey and anticipation of the special effects. Critics really noticed that the movie is about building a franchise than telling a story. The gross is lower than expected and put the movie’s future in jeopardy.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – US gross US$208.5 million

This film is the sequel to the 2011 film that really made waves in its weekend opening. The movie sent ripples well into the fall from its summer opening. Matt Reeves is able to handle the movie pretty well considering he is not the one that handled the first installment of this franchise. The movie’s box office performance is buoyed by the solid reviews and the amazing special effects.

2 Spider Man 2 & Dawn of Planet of the Apes

X Men: Days of Future Past – US gross US$ 233.9 million

This franchise took the Memorial Day weekend in a frenzy with a strong $90.8 million gross. The movie fused the past and the present which worked to make the interest at a high level. The nice performance in the box office made the producers to plan a follow-up to the film by 2016.

Maleficent – US gross US$ 241.4 million

This re-telling of the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty has been a mixed bag in the reviews. But we have to say that Angelina Jolie is a money magnet pulling a modest opening weekend at about $69.4 million, but the movie continued to pull more in throughout the summer into fall. The movie draws more money in foreign movie theaters.

3 XMen & Maleficent

Transformers:Age of Extinction – US gross US$245.4 million

Transformer: Age of Extinction is the fourth installment of the robotic alien franchise that pulled a $90 million opening weekend in the states. The movie eventually earned a worldwide gross of over a billion dollars due to the surprising China opening. This early a fifth installment is in the pipe line due by 2016.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – US gross US$ 259.1 million

Captain America is able to get a $95 million opening weekend, which shows a new story about the travails and adventures of America’s super soldier. The move surprised a lot of observers. As it stands Marvel is gearing for another installment of the franchise in 2016 called Captain America: Civil War, which is a movie that will also billed with other superheroes.

4 Transformer & Captain America

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – US$289.4 million

We are really anxious on how the movie will treat the untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who played the character of Plutarch Heavensbee which is at the core of the story of Mockingjay. The movie opened with $121.9 million on opening weekend in the States. The figure really pushed Mockingjay to earn one of the best opening weekend in 2014.

Guardians of the Galaxy – US gross US$332.5 million

This movie is a real gamble for Marvel that really paid off. There is no telling whether the obscure comic will be a hit on the silver screen. The opening weekend garnered a respectable $93.2 million as it gets decent reviews from critics. The use of the social media could be the deal-breaker on this one.

5 Mockingjay & Guardian of the Galaxy