Top ECig Brands to Consider

Electronic cigarettes has become more popular. This is the reason why the competition has become nothing but cutthroat. Today, it is easy to find thousands of brands and flavors with improved features. It is naturally for anyone to have a hard time to choose the brand that can be the staple. People spend money and time by doing some trial and error. They also rely on recommendations from friends. It is the best way to get information, but it does not apply all the time. Sometimes, expert recommendations can be the best way to find the best ecigs to get. This is what this listing aims to help you with. This list will give you the best ideas on which brands to get so you will cut the trial and error and get right through enjoying the electronic cigarettes.

10. Njoy

Njoy is one of the brands that you should be giving a close look. The whole concept of the brand is to make it appear like smoking even if it is not one. It feels like a cigarette, which is something that is welcoming. It has one of the cheapest starter kit that doubles as a starter kit. The vapor is great. The battery is something that you should think a lot about. It is rated to last two days, but real world usage will only give you two hours.


09. Eversmoke

Eversmoke is one of the best-selling brands in the market today. The brand is the more consumer-friendly brand of South Beach Smoke. This brand soared from a no-name to one of the most recognized brands in the industry today. The Ultimate Starter Kit includes almost everything that a vaper needs to have to get started. The price is a bit steep at $149.99, but the package includes a long automatic battery and a personal charging case that is able to charge the cartridges too. It also includes a USB charger, wall charger and a car charger. The kit includes all the chargers that accommodates all of the possible scenario. The flavor is nice, but it has the tendency not to last long. The batteries are not powerful enough to sustain a nice kick and flavor. Nonetheless, the brand has one of the smoothest throat kick and one of the most pleasant draw that you can ever find.


08. V2 Cigs

V2 is one of the pioneers of the electronic cigarette industry. It has one of the most value for money. The brand features one of the most stylish design that has been one of the best-selling draws. The V2 vapes feature a nice brushed steel, carbon fiber and metallic royale appearance. The design features a premium feel with a less premium price. For a feminine touch, bloom and scarlet metallic are also available. The drawback with the batteries is that you need to shell out an extra $30 for a longer-lasting battery. V2 has one of the most affordable refill cartridges. The flavor line-up is quite extensive too with at least a dozen of flavors. The throat kick is exquisite and perhaps the more powerful battery has something to do with this. V2 has been known to be able to produce a thick and realistic vapor.

V2 Ecigs

07. Green Smoke

Green Smoke is now a brand that is under the aegis of traditional tobacco companies, yet it remains one of the stalwarts of the industry. Green Smoke has been known to be the best brands to get being one of the leaders and pioneers of the industry. It has one of the best designs. Although most of the products by Green Smoke are made of plastic. One of the best things about this brand is the fact that it has the closest resemblance to the real cigarettes. It has a modest kit that includes all the things that you need to start vaping and more. It is not as complete as other brands, though. For the budget conscious, Green Smoke offers a basic starter kit for less than $30 that includes a battery, a cartridge and a USB charger. This an offering that is good for the pocket considering Green Smoke is a premium brand.

Green Smoke

06. Halo

Halo is the best tank system brand that is out there. Price-wise this brand is able to hold its own among the best brands in the industry. The kit comes with two batteries and a five pack of pre-filled cartridges. It comes in an exquisitely designed container that is really sleek to touch and see. The batteries are decent and able to give a decent kick and vapor. The down side is that this brand does not have that much flavor choices. Being a tank system you need to fill the tanks yourself. The throat hit is a homerun.


05. Vapor Fi

If you want a decent and affordable brand you can get the Vapor Fi brand. It has one of the best batteries that you will get from an ecig brand. The kit comes with one battery, a tank and an atomizer, which are enough to keep you smoking. The battery is decent that you need not to buy a spare battery for moderate vaping. The vapor is thick, but it not consistent. Perhaps, this is the trade-off for having a longer-lasting battery. The batteries are great because they are fast-charging too. Another great thing with this brand is that it can give you a great customer service.

Vapor Fi

04. Vapor Zone

Vapor Zone is one brand that placed the customers’ concerns ahead of anything else. The great customer service and a wonderful product have been the hallmark of this brand. The brand offers a 30-day money back guarantee which ensures you get the rich satisfaction that you deserve. Vapor Zone is able to give a rich vapor that makes you feel as if you are smoking the real thing.

03. South Beach

South Beach is one of the pioneers in the business. They have been known to be able to deliver a thick vapor that vapers will surely love. The batteries are quite a performer. The downsides may be the throat kick. Now, the brand is also offering tank systems or personal vaporizer for those who want to get better nicotine kick without having to carry a bulky vape around.

South Beach

02. White Cloud

White Cloud is one of the most exciting looking and brilliantly designed e-cigarettes that you can buy in the market. The most basic starter kit is available for $50. The design has sleek contours and uses bright colors for effects. The brand has been known to be giving occasional discounts especially for new vapers. The batteries are decent and do last long, but not as long as advertised. Vapors are a bit tame and this may be the trade-off between better battery life and vapor production. The flavor line-up is one of the richest in the industry. You will have no problem looking for the flavor that you will really like.

White Cloud

01. blu

blu e-cigs probably the most famous brand around. The help of a large tobacco company really pushed the marketing of this product. Today, the blu brand is the leading brand in the United States. The strength of the product is not because of the backing of the company but the product itself. It is a focused brand with the disposable segment in mind. blu also one of the products that made an effort to approximate the smoking experience.